Trademark Search Attorney in Orange County & San Francisco

Conducting a trademark search prior to using a mark in commerce or filing a trademark application is an effective means for ensuring optimal results for protecting your brand name or image. A trademark lawyer experienced in conducting trademark searches will personally conduct a comprehensive search and analysis to advise you on the best trademark strategy for your business. A trademark lawyer will consult with you on the findings of the search to ensure you understand the significance of the results. We understand that the trademark law can be complicated. Which is why we are committed to taking these complicated trademark issues and conveying them in a way that our clients feel confident in the results we provide.

Specifically, a licensed trademark attorney will search for trademarks registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) at In addition to searching for registered trademarks, the search will include an Internet search to see how and where the name you want is being used.

The attorney’s search will not be limited to registered marks but will include unregistered ones as well. Unregistered trademarks are important because they too may impact the legality of your use. Violating the trademark rights of another can lead to time consuming and costly litigation which is better avoided at the onset as you begin your new business.

A comprehensive trademark search and analysis by a trademark attorney may include a search of your state’s trademark database. If you plan on doing business in multiple states, it may also be a good idea to search the databases for all states you plan to sell your trademarked goods.

You may decide to conduct a trademark search on your own. If you decide to do so, you may find hundreds of similar trademarks being used across the country. You’ll need to know how to sort through your search results and determine which trademarks you are prevented from using. A trademark lawyer at the Omni Legal Group can assist you in going through the mountains of results and guide you to a proper understanding of how the trademark law impacts your use of the mark and whether or not that trademark is safe for you to use.

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